What's Wrong?

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Did you grow up, like me, in a household where everyone seemed to be looking for your faults or what you were doing wrong?

"Why are you sitting down, get up and do something".

"Close your mouth - are you catching flies".

"Why did you not shut the gate, wash the dishes, clean the house, hoover up, feed the cats, rabbits and dogs".

And so on.

And from the teachers - 

"Why did you not get ten out of ten for your maths?'

"If you can get eight out of ten then why can't you get ten out of ten?"

"Why are there so many spelling mistakes in the message on the blackboard - 'I hayte the teecher?'  (I got the cane for that!)

And so on - everyone just looking to trip you up and find out what you have done wrong.


Wayne Dyer has a fantastic quote ~

“Catch your children doing something right instead of doing something wrong. Remind them of their greatness on a daily basis.”


You may also have grown up with family jokes and old wives tales -

'Don't let your baby yawn because it will get lock jaw'.

'"Don't look at the moon through glass'.

'Turn your money over at the beginning of the month'.


One of my mother's 'jokes' that stuck with me for many years was -

'Didn't your mother teach you how to hang the washing out properly?'


Actually, at school, we had a lesson on how to do washing!

We had to bring a handkerchief to school - wash it - hang it out on the school line - wait until it was dry - and then iron it.  We were taught the correct way to do this task.


Obviously there is a right way to do something and there is a wrong way to do something.

However, who decided, in the very first instance, which was the right way and which was the wrong way?


So, when my elder daughter became old enough to help me hang the washing on the line, I repeated what my mother had said to me -

'Didn't your mother ever tell you the correct way to hang the washing on the line?'

Apparently socks should be hung from the toe end and not from the top end!


Then my daughter replied - "Mother, the washing will dry whichever way you hang it on the line".


Do you know what, I bless my daughter for that eurika moment!  It just had not occurred to me that the washing would dry no matter which way it was hung out on the line!  I had spent years trying to perfect my 'hanging of the washing on the line' routine!  It had developed into OCD at times.

I was now free!  I was free and could hang the washing any which way I wanted to!  Wow!


There are many instances where we copy our parents, teachers, friends, the media and so forth, thinking that what 'they' are doing is the right way and what we are doing, therefore, must be the wrong way.


Obviously, if you drive the wrong way down a dual carriageway then you are in trouble.  But is there a right way to eat your dinner, or a right way to get dressed or a right way to feed the cat or walk the dog?


Free yourself and do it YOUR way now.

Stop criticising you.

Stop 'shoulding on yourself' as my friend Patricia Crane says.


And take a leaf out of Wayne Dyers book and

“Catch your children doing something right instead of doing something wrong. Remind them of their greatness on a daily basis.”


Remind yourself  of YOUR greatness as well.

Love and Light,

Barbara Burgess - copyright 2017


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