Cry Wolf

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

After reading the books by Anthony William, Medical Medium, we have chosen to drink bottled water.  Tap water is full of unpleasant things such as chlorine and fluoride.  Filtered water can have all the minerals filtered out of it and so we drink bottled water.

Recently, after shopping we were loading the car up with the bottles and I suggested to my husband, Richard to lay them down flat as they can fall over and squash the food bags.

He began pushing the large packs of bottles.

I suggested to him that pushing was not a good idea and that I was told always to pull an object and not push it.

This brought to memory a friend of mine from school.  He loved acting the clown.  He would fall about, just like Norman Wisdom and cry out as if he were in pain or in agony.  He would even writhe about on the floor sometimes and we often wondered if he were crying wolf or not.

I met him some years later, when he was in his thirties and asked how he was and he told me he had been very ill with a punctured lung.

He said that he worked in a builders yard and was pushing some very heavy planks along a shelving when he cried out in agony and fell writhing to the floor.

No-one took any notice of him until he began turning blue and then they called for an ambulance. Apparently he had pushed so hard he had ruptured one of his lungs.

He said the doctors told him never to push a heavy object but always to pull it.

He did see the funny side of what had happened and could understand why none of his work colleagues came to his aid.   He told me he had stopped 'acting the fool' now, which, in some ways,  was probably a very good idea!


copyright 2017, Barbara Burgess

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