Rare Water Otter

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

There is a garden, somewhere in Eastbourne, Sussex, that has funny and strange things in it.  The garden is open to the public.  I went there many times as a child.

Somewhere in that strange garden is a little shed and on the door to the shed is a sign - 'Rare Water Otter' - once  inside you find what is depicted in the image above.


I was chatting to my brother the other day over old memories and he reminded me of someone my father knew.  We knew this man as 'Taffy'.  He came to visit my dad on his bicycle.  He was extremely tall.  I recall that if he stood in a doorway you could only see up to his neck.  You could not see his head at all.  A very tall man indeed.

My dad worked with Taffy at Luton Airport.  They were both draughtsmen there.  Taffy was also a cartoonist.  Now that my memory has been jogged I do vaguely remember seeing some of the cartoons Taffy drew.  Maybe Taffy brought them to show my dad or maybe my dad brought some home from work.


Taffy had been asked, by his boss, to draw a sealing washer.  What Taffy drew was someone washing a ceiling.  He handed this cartoon to his boss.  I am sure his boss had just as good a sense of humour as Taffy did.  My sense of humour.

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