Spirit Release/Spirit Rescue


Spirit Release/Spirit Rescue


Spirit Release/Spirit Rescue Reading

Signs of Spirit Possession or Attachment - 

Suddenly not feeling oneself any more - tired, rundown, irritable, anxious, weariness, eating more or eating less, sleeping more or sleeping less.

Sudden or more addiction to sex, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other stimulants and substances.

Acting completely out of character - e.g. giving money or objects away, gambling excessively.

Mood swings, bad temper, hysterics.

Depression, suicidal thoughts, thoughts of harming oneself or others.

The above is only a small list of personality and life changes that spirit possession can bring about in a person.

Why do we have spirit possession?

A person may not be ready for death and so they linger on the earth plain.

Relatives may not be ready to let the deceased go and so they linger on the earth plain.

Sudden, unexplained or traumatic death.  

The deceased does not believe they are now dead.

Fear of death and dying and so the deceased wishes to 'stay around'.

Unfinished business on the earth plane can keep a spirit or ghost lingering longer.

The ghost or 'possessor' has similar characteristics or personality trait as the deceased and so the deceased gains benefit from an attachment.  For example there is no alcohol in the spirit world and so a ghost will attach itself to someone who drinks in order to get their fix of alcohol.  However the ghost then makes the human drink more and more and more as the ghost still cannot get his 'fill'.

I am also aware that animals can cause havoc with people and so if you feel you are haunted by an animal that is in need of spirit rescue then please do get in touch.  Thanks.  Here is an example of an animal that needed rescuing - I was walking along and suddenly a spirit dog came up and bit me in the calf muscle.  This dog may have bitten someone when he was alive and so had to be put to sleep.  The dog had a sudden death.  He was not ready to die.  He did not know he had done wrong and so he haunted the place where I walk.  I was able to release the spirit of this dog and send him to the light.

Another incidence was where a dog had died long after his master had died and so could not find his master in the spirit world.  I did a spirit release and the dog has now found his owner in the spirit world and they have been re-united.

This type of work is always done at a distance for my own safety.  Distance is no object as this work is 'energy work'.

If you need to contact me then please use this form - contact me.

I will send you an email of my findings after I have done the spirit rescue, spirit rescue work.

This work will be carried out approximately within seventy two hours of your purchase.

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