Haunted House or Building/Spirit Rescue


Haunted House or Building/Spirit Rescue


Do you feel as if your house is haunted?

Do you hear noises and there is no-one there?

Noises as if pebbles are being thrown against the wall?

Popping noises similar to that which a plastic water bottle might make.

The television or alarms going on and off for no apparent reason?

Disturbances in the night - noises, bangs?

Doors opening or closing when there is no-one there?

Objects being moved.

Things going missing?

Things turning up, such as pebbles, lumps of coal and any other odd thing turning up in your home and out of the blue.

Please contact me if you are not quite sure - contact me

I will do spirit rescue and house clearing for you from a distance.  I do not need to come to your home in order to do this kind of work.  In fact, it is better, for my own safety that I do this type of work from a distance.  Distance is no object as I work on an energy level.

Your home will receive healing and clearing and spirit release.

I will send you an email of my findings after I have done the spirit release and house/building clearing.

This work will be carried out approximately within seventy two hours of your purchase.

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