Medical Intuition


Medical Intuition

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What is a Medical Intuitive?

First let me say what a Medical Intuitive does not do and that is diagnose.

A Medical Intuitive will help find the root cause of any illness or un-wellness or im-balance in a person's life.

Therefore a Medical Intuitive will seek out the root cause of, lets say, your headaches, heartache, un-resolved issues, abundance issues, family trauma issues, relationship problems.  

Your un-wellness can be from any area of your life - your mind, body, spirit, soul or life.

Mental, physical, sexual or emotional abuse issues - even from the distant past.

Spirit rescue.

Even if you 'know' there is something wrong but you just cannot put your finger on it - then a Medical Intuition Session can help find the root cause.

I also help animals and have done animal spirit rescue.

For your Full Session (£150 -about two hours work) I will do a full body scan and let you know what I 'see', and where in your body I 'see' it and how it can be resolved.

I will email you a full and detailed description with a helpful guide as to what is needed next, your path to wellness.

This type of reading may be typed out or voice recorded and then a file sent to your best email address. 

For the Body Scan only (£95 - about one hour's work) I will email you my findings of a full body scan. (please view example image below).

I will send you a copy via email of the scan image. (please view example below).

If you wish to have the original copy posted to your address then please contact me with your address and use the £5 postage and packaging pay button. (scroll down) Many thanks.  contact me

Medical Intuitive Readings will be emailed to you within about seventy two hours of purchase.

You may wish to enquire about private sessions or you may wish to ask questions either via email or via phone - contact me

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Medical Intuitive:
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Please purchase the £5 for postage and packing if you require your Medical Intuition copy posted to you.

Example of full body scan image - this person has many illnesses - wheelchair bound, MS, ME, depression, broken bones, anger, IBS, diagnosed by a regular physician - I intuited this person to be aged about 71 when in fact this person was 61 years old.

example of full body scan

The human form

Barbara Burgess Medical Intuitive
Barbara Burgess Medical Intuitive