Animal Communication Psychic Reading

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Animal Communication Psychic Reading


Animal Communication Reading

I first became interested in animal communication many years ago after reading one of Betty Shine's books, the famous medium and healer.

It was not until some years later that I actually did my first animal communication reading and that was by pure accident!

I then realised how important it was to bring messages from beloved pets in the spirit world to their human companions on the earth plain.

I will sit in the quiet of my reading room and concentrate on your pet in the spirit world and bring you messages from that pet.

I sometimes use the lovely mediumship cards by Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh - 'Talking to Heaven.'  Images of any cards used will also be emailed to you.

I also do spirit rescue of pets who have not passed over to the other side properly and have become earth bound.  This may happen if a pet had a traumatic ending.

I also do Medical Intuition for pets with any un-wellness.

Please enquire - contact me.

Your reading will be completed within approximately seventy two hours.

What message does your pet in Heaven have for you?

What does your pet in Heaven want you to know?

I am able to talk telepathically with pets that are alive and help with any problems here.

I also assist people in finding lost pets.

Here is an example of some work I have done:

I once gave a reading to a lady who had a cat.  She lived in a flat and was not supposed to have any pets.  She wanted the cat to go in and out of the window but it insisted on going in and out of the door.  I telepathically spoke to the cat and from that day onwards it used the window, much to the lady's relief!

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lost pets - this is something I do - I help people find their lost pets - free or donation.

lost pets - this is something I do - I help people find their lost pets - free or donation.