Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Angel Readings, Animal Communicator.

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Angel Readings, Animal Communicator.

psychic reading emailed to YOU as a Word Document file - £65

"I am very grateful for the wisdom and insight you have given me. thank you so, so much."


Accurate, insightful, expert advice giving you real-life results.


Wondering if you are on the right path with your career or love life?

Worried about money or your family?

Unsure of your future?

Life in a muddle?

My Psychic Readings can give you answers to any problem you may be facing at this time.

Your reading will generally include a message channeled from spirit or the angels.  Sometimes mediumship, if a loved one comes through, or even a pet comes through.  And I often use the cards as well to clarity things for you.

Let the Angels help you with any difficulty that you are facing at this time.  They give helpful, expert advice and guidance for any, or all of life's problems.

Why is an email reading good value for money?

*You can keep your reading and go over it as often as you want to.

*Sometimes, new information pops up after going through a reading more than once and after a few days or even weekly intervals.

*You do not have to worry about remembering everything as it is written down for you.

*If you have a phone reading or a face to face reading then you can get flustered or be a bit shy and find it hard to remember everything that is said to you.

*Email readings are a very good 'other option' for your psychic reading.

*And you can ask questions and you can follow up with emails if you want to - at no extra cost.


Your reading will be on a Word Document PDF file attached to the email that I send you.  This can take from one to four days.

Psychic Reading EMAILED as a word document file - £65

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