Past Life Psychic Reading

Past Life Psychic Reading

Past Life Reading - delving into your akashic records £148

Have you ever wondered who you were in a past life?

Have you ever wondered what you did or where you lived?

Maybe you have an inkling as to what your past lives were.

Loving a place, probably means you had a good past life there - whilst totally disliking a place, probably means you had a bad past life there.

The people you know in this life, you probably spent time with in past lives.  However your mum may have been your dad or your son, in a past life and other relationships in this life will probably have been different too.  If you are having a difficult relationship in this life, then it may stem from a past life and looking at your Akashic Records may bring an answer.

Did you know that your past lives can still influence who you are today?

Maybe you were cursed in a past life and need those curses lifted.

Maybe you took vows of chastity or poverty in your past lives and need these lifted.

You may have taken oaths or signed contracts in a past life and need to get rid of these as well.

Or maybe, like me, you were a slave in a past life and need those chains cut in order to set you free forever.

Today's illnesses can be routed in past lives as well.

Today's repeated patterns (e.g. unhelpful relationships) can stem from past lives.

Lack of money or putting on weight can also stem from past life influences as can infertility.

If you are interested in having a past life reading and learning about who you were and how this may be being played out in this, your present life, then look no further.

If you are interested in having a past life reading and finding out what your past life influences are, then look no further.

Your Past Life Psychic Reading will go beyond the Akashic Records and delve into who you were, what you did and how it may be affecting this, your present life.

Ways and means to heal will be offered so that you can release those oaths, contract, vows, curses, chains and cords and live a more fulfilling life today.

Your past life reading will be sent to your email address as a Word document file, so that you can keep it and read it again and again and benefit from the advice and help given.

I will describe your most relevant past life or lives to you and let you know how they may be influencing this life.

I will show you how to lift curses, vows, oaths, contracts and any chains or cords that may need to be got rid of.

We are made up of our Soul and Soul Journey, our Past Lives, our DNA from all our ancestors and the energy that all our ancestors have passed on down to us.  We can even take on board the energy of our teachers, other family members and friends.

If you are seeking answers to present day predicaments that seem to go on and on, then maybe a Past Life Psychic Reading is what you are looking for.

Present day problems can be any of the following:- (and this is not an indefinite list).

Weight problems.

Money problems.

Health problems.

Infertility problems.

Job problems.

Relationship problems.

Repetitive patterns - e.g. constantly getting into bad relationships.

Losing money all the time - being made redundant or bankrupt.

Email readings can be saved and gone over time and time again.  With other types of readings you have to remember things, take notes or even 'fast forward' the recording in order to find what you are looking for.

Past Life Reading - delving into your akashic records £148

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