Psychics - Don't Ask Them These Five things!

5 Things Not To Ask A Psychic

There are probably many things that a psychic would rather you not ask them and also many things that they probably would love to be asked about in order to demonstrate their psychic powers.  Here are just a few things that I have come to learn are good 'no-no's'.

  1. 'When am I going to die?'  Or,  when is my husband, wife, partner going to die?  Many years ago now I was asked this question by a lady from London.  It was actually the very first time that I was asked such a question.  I was quite shocked at the time when she asked, 'when is my husband going to die?'  Thoughts went running through my head that she might want to know when she was going to inherit all his valuables.  I told her I could not answer such a question and then she insisted that it was extremely important to her to know the answer.  I asked her why she wanted to know and she then told me that her husband had been given six months to live and she was hoping he would live longer.  Spirit did answer her question and said that he would have at least nine more months on this planet.
  2. 'Will my baby inherit any of our family illnesses?'  This is another question that really should neither be asked of a psychic or answered by a psychic.  Psychics are not doctors or trained medically.  At least most of them are not.  There are Medical Intuitives who might be able to answer such a question.  When clients ask me questions I hear the answer, often immediately, from the spirit world.  When this question was asked of me then my clients were given the answer that 'all is well'.  That if the child was found to have any illness they would be manageable, or that the child would not have inherited any illnesses at all,  and once again, all would be well.  Either way the parents had nothing to fear.
  3. Psychics often advertise, 'one question answer'.  Then a client may ask something like this, 'will I marry and if so when, and what will I wear, and what will my husband/wife/partner look like?'  This, most certainly is not ONE question, this is about four questions!  People should be a bit more considerate of psychics and understand that time is precious and yes, it does take time even to answer one simple question.
  4. I am often asked about babies and having them.  One client asked, 'when will I have children?'  Like many clients this person thought that as a psychic I should know all there is to know about her and one thing was that she already had a child.  What she really wanted to know was would she have children with her new partner.  So, really this was a vague or misleading question and it actually led to a vague and misleading answer.  Other people ask, 'when will I have children?' and then tell me they have been sterilized and thought that the operation may not have worked.  Or had changed their mind and hoped the operation had not worked.  These days families come in all shapes and sizes.  Couples in gay marriages adopt children, then other couples adopt or foster children and then there are surrogate mothers.  So the fact that a person cannot physically give birth to children does not mean that they will not end up with children within the marriage or partnership.  The question needs to be specific. The less specific the query the less specific the answer.  It is also good to be honest with a psychic when asking a question.  There is nothing wrong with telling a psychic a little bit about yourself or your situation.  The more 'cagey' you are then the harder the psychic has to work and less specific will be the answer to your question.
  5. It is not a good idea to just say to a psychic, 'love', or 'work' or 'money'.  It is far better to elaborate on the subject a little bit.  Psychics work on your energy and the more open you are and the more relaxed you are about your reading and getting right answers then the better the whole psychic reading will be in the end.

Barbara Burgess ©13/04/2015

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