Goddess Tara - A Channeled Message

A Channeled Message from

Goddess Tara

Goddess Tara comes in different colours.

White Tara who helps sensitive people.

Green Tara who helps people to help themselves.

"Friends. Beloved Ones.  I come to you today with this message;

Look after yourself.  You and you alone are able to cater for you.  You know your whims, your likes and your dislikes and so who is best to take care of you and these whims?  It is you, my friend and only you.

Love You.  Love You with all of your might for might is what you have and by this I mean bravery.  You are brave beyond measure.  Bravery is needed sometimes or many times. There will be pressures placed upon you during your lifetime and you will have to be brave for that.  But you can be and you will be.  Being brave is part of your nature, oh beloved ones.

Be not afraid, for I am with you always.

You can call upon me whenever you feel the fear creeping up inside of you.  You can call upon me whenever you feel afraid.  Be you afraid of an animal, a situation, the night time or the dark time.  Whatever it is that you are afraid of then you can call upon me and all of the Goddesses known to mankind for our help and guidance and assistance.

We will come running once you ask for our help.  For we cannot guide you unless first you ask.

'Ask and it shall be given unto you'.  But only when first you ask.  This is the Law.  The Law of the Universe.  You have free will on planet earth and so first you must ask for help and guidance and then the rewards will be on their way in a flash.

Desire something?  Dream of that desire.  And by this I mean to meditate upon that desire in order to bring it to fruition.  Think about your desire.  Plan your desire.  Picture your desire and it will come forth in next to no time.

Worry about it and it will not come forth.  All that will come forth will be lack of that desire and even more worry.  So, worry not.  Ask for help and guidance from whoever it pleases you and if that pleasure be us or me, Goddess Tara then so be it.

Angels are here to help and guide you as well.  Angels love to help you all the time.  They also know that you have free will and so they too will not intervene in your lives unless it is a life threatening situation and then they will jump in with both hands and both feet and they will rescue you.

I am sure you have heard of or been witness to miracles when an Angel or someone who appeared to be an angel popped into someone's life right at the correct moment.

It is I, Goddess Tara who welcomes you to this knowledge and wisdom that help is at hand. Be not afraid to ask and it shall be given to you.  Be not afraid that you are weak, for, no, you are strong, very strong indeed.  You are much stronger than that for which you give yourself credit.  You can do almost anything.  You have great wisdom.  Hidden wisdom. Wisdom and fortitude that comes forth when least you expect it and when it is most needed.

I am Goddess Tara. Go in peace my wonderful one.

Think not of bad things for this can only make bad things come to you.  Think of good things and then good things will come to you.  This is the Law.  This is the Law of the Universe in action.  The Universal Law of Attraction - in action.

Good comes to those who think good thoughts and think of good things happening and thinking of good endings to difficult problems.  Good comes to those who ask for it.  I repeat again, 'ask and it shall be given unto you'.  Only you must believe.  You really must believe in yourself and this thing that you wish to come to you.  Otherwise it will not happen.  What will happen is 'the lack of it'.  Because you are worried about it not appearing and so it will not appear. This is called self fulfilling prophecy.

Many people think bad thoughts so that they are not disappointed when the 'good' does not happen.  However by thinking about bad things or lack of good things then only that which you think about will come to you, can come to you, because this is the Universal Law of Attraction - in action.  We say Universal because this Law works throughout the Universe.

The Law of Gravity is another Universal Law.  What goes up must come down.  The law or your law about 30 m.p.h. is a State Law or Council Law and can be changed or broken.  A Universal Law cannot ever, never, no, - be changed or altered or broken.  It takes place all the time, day in and day out, adinfinitum.

Goddess Tara wishes you well my lovelies and is signing off now.

Bless you my wonderful persons.

Tara - The Green One."

Channelled 12/03/2015 Barbara Burgess ©

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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