Beliefs - Are They Yours?

Beliefs - Are They Yours?

Many beliefs we carry with us are simply not our own.

When a baby is born, does it have any beliefs?

Where do its beliefs come from?

A baby can sense what is going on around it probably from the moment of its birth.  So, if a baby is born into a fearful environment then it will probably feel fear from the beginning. This will then lead to the beliefs that life is fearful or fear is all around.  The child could grow up feeling very insecure.

As a baby grows, and still cannot speak,and think for itself, and is brought up in a household full of fighting and arguments, then this child may also grow up fearful.  On the other hand a child could see this as normal and not be bothered by it at all.  This type of child will probably grow up feeling 'tough'.  This is why, and how, several children brought up in the same family have differing beliefs and personalities.  One child may be fearful of noise and shouting, and want to end up as an adult who never loses its temper, while another child, from the same family, may simply copy mum and dad.

When I was young I had blonde hair and was often told, by many different people, things like;

blondes are dumb

blondes are not intelligent

men only want blondes for sex

women are not as intelligent as men

women should be seen and not heard

women should not show that they are more intelligent than men

women can never be as successful as men

a woman must go where her husband wants to go

I was brought up around the time of the 'dumb blonde' syndrome.  Dumb blonde film-stars abounded, such as Marilyn Munroe.

They even made a film called, 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'.

I also recall my first efforts of putting on make-up and using perfume when I had my first boyfriend.  I used to go to my Auntie's house for a bath as we had no bathroom.  My auntie used to say that the perfume would not hide the smell.  I honestly believed that other people could 'smell' me and yet I could not.   I became very self conscious.  We also had a family joke about the large family nose and this too made me very self conscious. We do not have a large family nose!

What beliefs do you feel you have that are holding you back?

Does your family have a 'family joke' that is derogatory and has been handed down from one generation to the next?

Our family tradition was to take the micky out of everyone.  I went along with it for years and even carried on this family tradition myself until I realised that these were unkind words being aimed at me.  Whether it was a family joke or not, words have energy and they stick.  I began not to listen to these family jokes and then actually told the people to stop saying such things as 'you are the world's worse cook'.

As I said words have energy.  If your family keeps saying things like, 'we have a tradition of bad backs in our family', then without a doubt family members who go along with this will end up with a bad back.

Other beliefs that abounded in our family were around money and lack of it.

You'll never win the lottery.

What on earth would you do with all that money?

You don't  need all that money.

Do not try and live above your station.

Money does not grow on trees.

No, you cannot have that!

If you buy that coat/hat/pair of shoes, then they must last you for four years or more.

We cannot afford a holiday.

We cannot afford...................................

Think about the beliefs that abound in your life and within your family group.  Are you following these beliefs and keeping them alive?

Let them go...................let them go...............once and for all..............let them go.

Breathe them out.....let them go.....

Replace them with new empowering beliefs.  Beliefs that serve you well.

©Barbara Burgess 2015