Archangel Michael and Joseph - A Message

A Message brought to you from Archangel Michael and Joseph, The Obedient One. 

"Beloved Ones,

I am here with you today because you have called upon me to be so.

Many of you are sending prayers up these days to us Angels and we want to reply to you.

In fact we are all so very delighted that more and more of you earthlings are sending up prayers to us angels in the angelic realms, more and more each day.

This is wonderful news.  Wonderful news indeed.

You see, your planet is evolving.  It is evolving fast.   Faster than ever before.

This is why there are earthquakes.  This is why there are fires, floods and famine.  Traumatic stories that you see on your t.v. screens all the time.

But this is about your planet surviving.  It must go through trauma in order to learn lessons and in order to survive.

Your planet is a living thing.  An entity.  Just as you all are living things.  Living a human life on the planet that you all call earth.

We angels - us - we - we believe that life is good for you mostly.  Mostly it is good.  Sometimes it goes bad but this is not your fault.  Sometimes some things 'just are.'  Sometimes, some things, simply happen.  They happen in order to teach us all lessons.  We all evolve.  However we do not evolve at the same speed or at the same time and this is why some people have a lovely life whilst others appear to struggle endlessly.

Those people who are struggling all the time - and it does not matter what the struggle or where the struggle goes on - these people are learning their lessons the hard way.

There is an easy way in which you can learn your lessons.  That way is to pray to God to either help you get over your lessons quickly or to help you to learn what they are.   Either way it is a good thing to do, to pray to us Angels for help, guidance and assistance with your struggles and to pray to God for the same thing.

We always, always, always listen.  And you always, always, always learn.

You may think that you are not learning.  Or you may think that the lessons keep on repeating themselves.  Yes, they do.  However they do this in order for you to learn more quickly.

Is it not better to suffer a short sharp pain and then get it over and done with than to suffer endlessly?

If you feel that you have been struggling all your life or if you feel you have been suffering endlessly, either with pain or illness or lack of money, or for whatever reason, then do ask us angels and God, for help, guidance, joy and upliftment.

Messages will come to you when you do this.  Messages that arrive in your sleep state, during your dreams. You may or may not notice them.  You will also receive messages as music or songs that you hear somewhere or hear playing inside your mind.

You may hear a conversation and then think to yourself, 'that is the answer, that is the answer that I have been waiting such a long time for'.

This is good.  This is good that you notice these signs.  Be they a message or lines you read in a newspaper or see in a book or your Bible, or on the t.v. or an advert, or just anywhere.  The clouds in the sky often show you a message and it will be a cloud in the shape of something.  Maybe a rainbow as well or a bird sitting on a branch and appearing to be looking at you and not flying away.

There are so many signs that God and us angels send to you.  Do keep looking out for them.  If you do not understand them then ask us to show you the truth.  Ask us to show you or give you another sign to verify the first one.

Little animals are also signs.  Puppies playing and children singing that attract your attention are signs from us. Butterflies that flutter near you and catch your eye are also messengers from us that tell you that both God and Jesus are nearby and are listening to your prayers.

Keep praying.  It is good that so many of you have learned to pray and you pray well.  It does not matter what you say or how you say it.  Just pray.


Joseph, The Obedient One"

Barbara Burgess, copyright 2015

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