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Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

My quest was to write a blog a day for thirty days.  However the internet crashed in our area and so I only did about twenty one days in all.

It is very strange but the fact that the internet, in our post code area, ceased working actually help to prove the point I had been trying to make with my recent blog posts.

You see, spirit often give me ideas.   They give me these ideas in pictures or images in my mind's eye.  This is known as clairvoyance or 'clear seeing'.  I get an idea and then I have to find the words to turn the idea, or these images, into a blog post.  Sometimes it is harder than others.

I did post one blog, some time ago, where I  mentioned that often there are not the words in the English, or any other language, that convey what one is actually trying to say.  When one has a very deep feeling or when one has had a meaningful experience one needs specific words to express what has happened.  Sometimes it takes more than one word for a person to describe their feelings or emotions.  For example a person may be excited and happy all at the same time but the words excited and happy do not exactly describe how that person feels.  They may be excited, happy, shaky, giggly, all at the same time and feel all manner of emotions that cannot be expressed exactly by one or several words.

My previous postings, to which I am referring, were basically about having something and not having something. Having something and an absence of that thing.

Having wellness and a lack of wellness.  You cannot be a bit well and you cannot have a small lack of wellness.  You either have wellness or you don't have wellness.  You either have wellness or there is an absence of it.  The blog post went on to explain how to welcome wellness into your life.

Then I wrote about love and an absence of love.  As with wellness or the lack of it - you can have love or an absence of love.  You cannot have a bit of love and have a bit of an absence of love. You either have love in your life or you have an absence of love in your life.  The same goes with loving yourself and your body.  You can either love yourself and/or your body or you have an absence of love for yourself and/or your body.  This blog post also went on to explain how to bring more love into your life.


Then my following blog posts went on to explain about abundance and the absence of abundance and also that with some healing techniques practitioners talk about our  body having either energy or an absence of energy.  An absence of energy means an illness is in the body somewhere and there is an amazing technique called EmoTrance (Emotional Transformation) that can help bring energy into the body where there is an absence of energy.


Now, for a week I was without any internet at my home.  The company were upgrading their cables and at the same time there was a message on the phone that some damage had been done to some cables in our post code.  After several phone calls and an engineer coming to our house he discovered that the wall socket was faulty and fixed our internet access in seconds.  We are all nicely up and running again now.


So this made me think about our internet access.  It also got me to realise that maybe the powers that be - God, in fact, was trying to give me a full and clear demonstration about this having something and not having something.  This having something and an absence or lack of something.

We either had the internet and our computers were working or else we did not have the internet and our computers were not working.  We had nothing in-between!  We did not have a bit of the internet and a bit of the computers working.  We either had them working or an absence of them working.  We either had the internet or we had an absence of the internet.  


This  absence of the internet made it so clear to me about how to explain my other posts and this demonstrated it clearly as well. As I said spirit often give me messages or images but I have to find the words to fit these messages and images.

With the loss of the internet for a week this was made very clear to me.  I will say that it actually took nearly a week for the message to sink in.  I got it like a eureka moment!

You have something or you have an absence of it..  

The good part is having wellness, love, abundance, energy or even the internet.  The negative side is the absence of these things and many other things in our lives.  An absence of wellness, love, energy, work, happiness, joy, or the internet.

copyright 2017 Barbara Burgess

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