Can Animals See Spirits?

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Can Animals See Spirits?

Have you ever had evidence that an animal, maybe your pet, is seeing spirits?

Does your pet appear to see spirits?


I recall, when I lived in Luton, Bedfordshire, I knew a midwife.  She was about sixty five when I met her and she refused to retire as she loved her job so much.  I do not think she had any children of her own but she always had a little Jack Russel by her side.

One day, when she was in the park with her little dog and I was with my Whippets, we walked around the path chatting away about life in general.

I said I thought that her little dog was not the usual one she had with her.  She told me her other dog had passed away and as she was getting older she decided not to have a puppy but to have a rescue dog that was a  little bit older and maybe they would live out their lives together.

We chatted more and more and then she began to tell me that all her other Jack Russells had slept on her bed with her.  However, for some reason, and maybe in honour of all her other dogs, she decided that this one would have to sleep in its basket near the bed.

She continued to tell me how, each night, this new little dog would sit in its bed and look at the bedroom door as if it were watching something.  Then its eyes would follow this 'thing' as if it were walking across the floor and appeared to jump up onto the bed.  Then the new little dog would just curl up in its basket and go to sleep.  She said this happened every single night since she had brought the newdog home.


Have you ever experienced anything like this with your pet?


Once I was visiting a friend with my own Jack Russell and the lady had gone into the kitchen to make us a cup of tea.  My little dog walked over to her sofa and went as if he were going to jump up onto it.  Then he suddenly put his tail between his legs and his down as if he had been scolded and came running back to me.  I distinctly felt that a spirit soul had told him not to jump up on the furniture.


One of our Border Collies often used to stare at something at the top of the stairs.  She also would sit and look at doorways as if there were someone there.


Very interesting indeed.  What is your opinion of animals seeing spirit?  Do let me know.


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Photo by Margo Brodowicz on Unsplash