Things That Go Bump In The Night

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Have you ever heard weird noises in your home and wondered what it was?

Have you ever seen furniture move or found an object somewhere where you thought it shouldn't be?


A friend of mine told me about things that kept happening in his house.

He had a large family of four young children and a large house to put them all in.  Upstairs there was a long corridor with all the bedrooms coming off it.

He told me that one night he woke up thinking that all the children were running up and down the hallway.  He got up to tell them off and then saw chairs being hurtled down the hall.  Chairs being thrown at the walls.

I asked him what he had done to invite this kind of psychic activity and he told me that once he realised he was psychic he just lay in bed one night and said, 'come and get me'.  Well the spirits certainly took this invitation seriously.


Another friend of mine told me that she often had lumps of coal land on her dining room table. They would be there for a week or two and then just as quickly disappear, then a few days later more would turn up.


Matthew Manning, the famous healer has written a book called, The Link and  in this book he tells of his bed moving down the room and stones being thrown against the walls of his room and even writing appearing on the wall as he looked at it.  A very interesting book indeed and well worth a read.


A short time ago I did a reading for a lady and I picked up that she had heard noises like stones being thrown against her living room wall.  She had also heard the kind of popping noise that an empty plastic water bottle makes.  Her phone often rang and no-one would be on the other end of the line and also her T.V. would come on unexpectedly.


I have also heard these popping noises in my own home.  This began after a holiday in Majorca. Also sounds of stones being hit up a wall in the living room.  The dog hears them as well.

In our old house the fire alarm went off for no apparent reason at bang on 8 a.m., and the T. V. kept coming on.  We would turn the T. V. off again and on it would go once more.


What is generally happening here is that spirit are trying to get in touch with you.  Or sometimes a relative in the spirit world is trying to get through.

There are also mischievous child spirits who tend to move objects such as keys or jewellery.


My husband once saw a photograph on our mantlepiece look as if it had been picked up and was being viewed by someone.  He also saw our curtains being moved.


We also had a door that was wedged back on a thick carpet and this, one day, slammed shut all by itself.


Having this kind of activity around your home can be a bit bothersome but it cannot really harm you.

copyright 2017 Barbara Burgess, psychic medium.


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