Don't Panic

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

I was brought up in a household full of panic.  This was the norm for me.

I remember my mother rushing about, here, there and everywhere trying to get jobs done as quickly as possible.

I often saw her washing up with one hand and making a cup of tea with the other hand.  I guess if she could also do things with her feet, then she would have done.  In fact she taught me, or maybe I taught myself, how to pick things up with my toes whilst maybe reading a book or doing something else!

My mother's mother - my Granny - told us how she would have to have the dinner on the table at bang on one o'clock for her husband, a blacksmith, as he walked through the door for his midday meal.  One minute earlier or one minute later was not on.  I was not told what would happen if the meal was early or late or even cold, but my Granny would always oblige and have the meal set out on the table so that my Grandad could sit down immediately, eat the meal and then go back to work.  His blacksmith shop was at the back of the house.

I never met my Grandad as he died when my mother was about eighteen.

We do inherit belief systems and energy from our parents and grandparents and even going back six or more generations, maybe even further than that. We are also more likely to inherit this energy from our mother's side of the family as we are in our mother's womb for nine months. Your mother would also have been in her mother's womb for nine months and so on, down the family line. She would have picked up energy and belief systems while in the womb.


My father would also rush about like a chicken with its head cut off.

When we went out for the day and arrived back home we would have to run indoors and get the kettle on and a cup of tea made even before my dad had time to get off his motorbike and sidecar or get out of his Land Rover.  We had to have the cup of tea ready in order to maybe pacify him.

Rushing about was normal for this family of five.   I also recall washing up for my mother and being very proud of how quickly I could do it.  How many cups I could carry in one hand and how quickly I could dry the knives, forks and spoons.  Rush, rush, rush.  Panic, panic, panic.  

We would also run down the garden and fetch the washing in in double quick time whenever it rained or snowed.


In, what we called the back room, we had a stove, which was not unlike the log burning stoves that you can buy today.  You opened the top and put the wood and newspaper in and then the heat would warm the room up.  If the wood did not catch alight quick enough my dad would pour paraffin into the hole and there would be a whoosh sound as flames would nearly reach the ceiling.  I would scream and begin to cry, whilst my dad would laugh and tell me it was okay. However, it was a very dangerous practice.


My father also wanted to be first at everything.  One day, when we were going out in the Land Rover, he was driving up a steep hill and there were a few cars in front of him.  To the left was a wide grass verge, on which there were trees and beyond that was a very wide pavement.  Well my dad went up the curb and onto the grass verges and drove up the hill on the pavement until he had overtaken everyone.  Then he quickly shot back out onto the road.  Us three kids were panic stricken inside the Land Rover.  My dad would often drive with no lights, or the wrong way down dual carriageways and even cross dual carriageways on the grass verges if he thought he needed to be going in the opposite direction.  This, once again, brought about panic feelings as we knew this was wrong and my dad would often be shouting at the same time that he made these manoeuvres.


Many people are brought up in panic households or witness panicky situations.  This can leave you with panic attacks or sometimes post traumatic stress symptoms.


These days, though, there are many ways of dealing with this type of thing:

The food we eat can actually contribute to us feeling worse or help with our healing.

There are many interesting books available now and here are some tittles:

Nutrition For Intuition - Doreen Virtue

And - 'Eating in The Light'

Also the three books by Anthony William - one of which is 'Medical Medium.'

Doreen Virtue has also written a splendid book about post traumatic stress symptoms and panic attacks and many other extremely interesting subjects and I highly recommend this book.

'Don't Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle'

There are also numerous healing techniques available these days to help heal from panic attacks and stress related symptoms.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EmoTrance - Emotional Transformation

Energy Healing - please view the following website:   and look up Sandra Hillawi (trainer, teacher and practitioner)

TAT - Tapas Acupressure Technique - with Tapas Flemming

I can highly recommend all of the above for all your healing requirements.


copyright Barbara Burgess 2017 

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