Have You Seen A UFO?

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

The top places in the U K for UFO sightings are recorded as:

Bonnybridge, Scotland

Broad Haven, Wales

Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk

Warminster, Wiltshire

Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.


There have also been UFO sightings in other parts of the world, as far apart as USA, Australia and Russia.


A friend of mine told me about a UFO sighting that she had when she was living in Nottingham.

She was about twenty years of age at the time.  She was coming home from work and then heard this strange noise.  She looked up and saw a massive flying saucer shaped object, that she said, spanned at least two streets.

She told me that both she and her mother had seen numerous UFOs when either going about their daily life separately or together.


Many years ago now, when we were living near Woburn Abbey, my husband came in from the garden one evening and said he had seen a UFO.

I ran outside but it was gone.

He said he had seen a huge orange ball, much bigger than a hot air balloon.  It had floated silently and slowly over the roof of our house and then had disappeared.


From what I can remember I have had two incidences of seeing what I thought were UFOs.

One, when I was driving north on the M1 from London to Luton.

I saw what looked like an upside down lighted match in the sky.  It stayed there for some considerable time and I was able to watch it as I was driving and the traffic was very slow.

It had a stem, like a match stick, that was vertical.  The 'head' was like a lighted match glowing in reds and oranges, with the 'flames' going up the stem.

It appeared in the sky for some considerable part of my journey.  As the traffic began to move I did not concentrate on it any more and I completely forgot about it.


Another instance of seeing a UFO happened when I was in a dream-like state.

I was brought up around gliders and hangers and so I know what the shape of an aircraft hanger looks like.  A rectangular building with a domed roof.

The UFOs that I saw were four in number.  There was one huge one and three smaller ones.  One of the smaller ones was on its own, while the others were close to each other.  I got the distinct feeling that the three smaller ones were able to go inside the larger one.  I also had the feeling that they were watching me.

Have you seen a UFO?  I would love to hear from you if you have.

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