Don't Wait

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Don't wait until your 50, 60 or 70 until you get yourself fixed.

Do it now!

So often, especially when we are young, we think we are invincible.  

I see this by the way young people cross the roads in front of cars sometimes, they think it is fun.  They think the car will stop in time.  

My mother used to do this as well.  When she wanted to cross the road she would just go. She once told me that, 'the car has got to stop'.  Well it doesn't have to stop and sometimes the stopping distance and conditions are  so great that it cannot stop!

The angels can  and will look after you, but it is no good driving the wrong way down a dual carriageway and expecting the angels to look out for you.  You have got to play your part!

It is the same with our health and well-being.  

I hear people who smoke saying, 'I've only got one life and I'm going to live it.'  Well having a body riddled with sickness because of cigarette smoke inhalation is not really living.  We also have more than one life.  We are eternal and we can have and have had many lives.

Another thing that comes to mind here is that you may have an ailment and you go to the doctor and he/she says, 'what do you expect at your age?'

Well there are people living to a hundred and ten or more years these days.  There are people aged 70, 80, 90 and even 100 who run marathons!  

Whenever my father had an illness or ailment he would go to the doctor to find out what it was or to confirm what he thought it was and then he would go home and work out or find out a natural way of treating that illness.  Maybe taking more vitamin pills or eating more fruit or drinking water with freshly squeezed lemon juice in it.

Years ago doctors would tell a cancer patient, 'you have six months to live', and often that person would die six months later.  However, there are those who might have said, 'oh no I haven't' and found a cure and lived for many more years.  It all depends on the type of person you are and your personality type as well.

I recall a medium at a Spiritualist Church told the congregation the following story:

He was an airline pilot and he had travelled the world.  Often being away from home for several weeks at a time.  He had hardly seen his two sons grow up into teenage boys because of his work. He was about to retire and began to feel rather unwell, so he went to see his doctor.

His doctor diagnosed stomach cancer and told him that his condition was inoperable and that he had only six weeks to  live.  

He was absolutely devastated.  He was looking forward to retiring and spending more time with his wife and sons.  He wanted to make up for all that lost time when he had been away flying and now he had been told he only had six weeks he could spend with his wife and sons.  As you can imagine he was in shock and he simply did not know what to do next, or to whom he could turn.

So he turned to a healer friend at the Spiritualist Church and asked for healing.  The friend gave him healing but also told him to go back to the doctor and ask for an operation.

The doctor explained that the illness was totally inoperable.

The medium went back to his healer friend.  His healer friend told him to go to the hospital and sit in the waiting room and demand an operation and to tell the doctors that he was not going to leave until they did operate on him.

This he did.

He sat and waited and waited and waited and eventually the doctors agreed to an operation.

When he came round from his operation the surgeon who did the procedure on him came to his bedside for a chat.  'You are a very lucky fellow, young man.  During the operation your stomach cancer actually fell out onto the operation table and you have the all clear.'

The medium tried to explain that he had received healing before the operation but the surgeon just dismissed it went on his way.

The medium was now well into his seventies and he had had the operation about fifteen years before that.  He looked a very fit, happy and healthy man.

So, don't wait, don't leave it too late.  Don't wait until you are sick or feeling sicker before looking after your health and well-being.  

Do it now.

If you don't know where to start then ask the angels for assistance and wait for their answer.

copyright 2017, Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

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