Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Q - What is an 'empath'?

A - 'an empath is a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.'

I am an empath.

When I give readings to people I can 'tune into' their energy field and actually feel what they are feeling.  I can sense how they feel, what they are thinking, what their emotions feel like and even how sick or ill they feel.  When a client has, let's say, a painful leg, then I 'feel' their painful leg.  I can feel their headache, their upset tummy, their pregnancy.

I am an empath.

One thing I have noticed when doing readings for people is that there often are not the right words in the English language to perfectly describe how a person feels.

For example a person may feel hate and anger at the same time.  A person may feel such full-on hate or anger that it cannot be described in one word and it needs several to be used to describe it. Or, I might sense that it is a bit like this and a bit like that, all at the same time.  But not exactly like this or exactly like that.

The same with other emotions, such as sadness or grief or despair.

I have found that when a person loses an animal, say a pet dog, that their grief appears far greater than when a person loses a human being.  One word cannot describe how they feel. Grief, sadness, despair - there is not one word that describes how a person feels at the loss of a pet.

It can often be the same when a client comes to me who is worried or anxious about something.  I tune into their energy and try and find the right word to describe how they are feeling.  It can be very hard at times.  

I know how they are feeling because my own body is feeling that emotion at the same time as my client, and yet, it is very hard to put this feeling into words or into one word.

How do you describe a feeling, when someone has lost more than one of their beloved pets, and it has left them feeling suicidal?

How do you describe utter loneliness, deep desperation, or fear of the unknown, all in one word?

I love my job, but it can be very hard, being an empath, at times.

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