Do You Love Your Car More Than You Love You?

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

When I was learning hypnotherapy we discussed what to charge our clients.

The tutor said that he was amazed at how many people were willing to spend £200 or more on their car and yet were not willing to spend the same amount on themselves.

Yes, his fee was £200 an hour and that was some time ago.  However, he did get clients.  He did find people who were willing to spend money on helping and healing themselves and their issues.

Another thing that pops to mind here and that is FEAR.  People are afraid of change.  

Oft-times people are so used to being and living a certain way that they are afraid that if they change or heal then they will not be able to cope with it.  It will seem so unusual to them.  Being stressed out and harassed all the time is the norm for these people and therefore relaxing and chilling out will seem very odd, very peculiar indeed.

There is also the fact that those around us do not want us to change sometimes.  Will we become different?  Will we get up and leave?  Will we then have fun and others not have fun?   These are the ideas and beliefs that often stop a person from reaching out for healing.

So, think about it.  Do you spend more money on cars, technology or household gadgets than you do on yourself?

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