Listen to The Silence

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

“Music is the silence between the notes.”
~ Claude Debussy

I was listening to Classic FM this morning with Alan Titchmarsh and he was talking about musical quotes and how he loved them.  

He quoted the above by Debussy.  “Music is the silence between the notes.” Then he played the music - Clair de Lune - which means Moonlight.  There are many pauses between the notes in this beautiful piece of music.

You may also remember the song - Everything I Do I Do It For You - by Brian Adams, the Canadian.  This song ran for sixteen weeks as number one in the U K charts.  There is a longish pause near the beginning of this music and I do think that it is the pause, the silence, that attracts the listeners' attention.

Do you have silent moments in your life?

Do you listen to the silence?

I was out in the countryside once, walking my dog.  The sun was high and warm.  The sky was blue and there was no wind.  To me there was absolute calm and silence. I put on my recorder on my mobile phone and recorded the silence to send to someone I know.  Unbeknown to me a mobile phone will enhance any sound in the distance and so the recording was of traffic miles away!  Anyhow, to me there was silence.  It was a really beautiful day.

Do find time to spend in silence.  Even a fraction of a second, as portrayed in the musical instances above.

Why not play some music and see if you can hear the silence between the notes.

Spending time in nature and spending time in silence helps us to recuperate, gain energy and wellbeing. 


copyright 2017 Barbara Burgess

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