So Rude!

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Once again my story takes place in a swimming pool, only this time I was in the foyer.

I was waiting for the swimmers who were all getting dressed after their sessions.

The foyer was almost empty and to pass the time away I looked at the notice board.

It was a very long or rather wide notice board and you had to take quite a few steps to get from one end to the other.

I wasn't really reading the notices, as such, just biding my time, whilst waiting.

I began by reading the messages and posters at the far left of the board.

After a little while I realised that there was a man standing near me and he too was looking at the notices.  I then felt him get a bit closer and so I moved to my right a bit.  He then moved as well.

Well, I thought, this is a bit off and so I moved to my right once more only to be followed by this man.

I did not look to my left to see who it was, I simply stared straight ahead at the noticeboard and he appeared to be doing the same.

As he was very close by now and almost touching shoulders with me I moved once more.  So did he!  

Well, I thought, this is just not on!  How can this man be so rude as to stand so close to me and while the rest of the foyer was virtually empty and there was plenty of space.

I moved, once more, to my right and the man moved as well.  I had now just about run out of noticeboard and by this time I was really cross and was about to give this man a mouthful.  I turned to my left and there was no-one there!  Not a soul, not a sausage.  No-one to be seen anywhere in the foyer.

It was then that I realised this man must have been a spirit soul and this would account for him coming so close to me.  Once again the electricity in the building had helped to build up the energy for spirit communication.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2017

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