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Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

I used to spend a great deal of time in swimming pools when my two girls were doing their swimming training, gymnastics and trampolining.

I would swim up and down in the main pool whilst they did their training.  It was good exercise for me and I love to swim.

As there is a great deal of electricity in these types of buildings it seems to be a good place to become hyper psychic and sensitive.

I would often 'see' people swimming along in the pool and they would have bandages and plasters all over their body or face.  The bandages and plasters appeared, to me, to be put on really haphazardly and I used to think, 'what a mess'.  Then, as I swam on I realised that what I was seeing was psychically sensed and the person would then appear normal to me.

I guess spirit were showing all the accidents and bruises that these people had sustained throughout their life.

Another thing that often occurred would be for me to see people carrying tiny babies or puppies. As the image of the child appeared and disappeared in seconds then I realised spirit were showing me a child that had passed to spirit.  It was not up to me to go over to that person and tell them what I had seen.  Some mediums will do this but I think it is just not on.

When I first saw someone carrying a puppy, inside the swimming pool, I nearly went over to them to tell them that dogs were not allowed in the pool.  Then the person would appear to me, as normal, without the puppy, and so I understood that it must have been a dog that had passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Life can get quite confusing for psychics and mediums at times!

copyright Barbara Burgess 2017

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