Weird Walk in the Woods

Weird Walk in the woods - Barbara Burgess, Angelic Mediumship

Weird Walk in the woods - Barbara Burgess, Angelic Mediumship

I often get weird and wonderful things happening to me but this was one of the strangest!

I generally take my dog for a walk in the woods each day.  He is a Border Collie and he needs plenty of exercise.

Also walking in the woods is very good for anyone and everyone really.  It helps you to relax.  It helps you to connect with nature.  It helps to ground you. You get exercise and fresh air as well. What could be nicer or better than a walk in the woods each day?

The other thing that I enjoy is listening to classical music.  I generally have the radio on at home and in my car.

On this particular day I did have my car radio on  and it was tuned to Classic FM.  Music and soft or gentle relaxing music is very important.  This also helps you to relax and stay calm in today's tumultuous society.

Also many people are now finding out that playing music to Alzheimer sufferers can really enhance their life.  Music has many calming and healing qualities.

So, here I was listening to Classic FM in my car and pulling up to park the car in the car park next to the woods.

I got the dog out of the car and went for my walk.

The only thing was, I was still listening to the music!  Yes, I was in the woods and still hearing music as if it I were still in the car and listening to the radio!

It was not until I had gone quite a long way that I realised that the music was still playing - and it was out loud!  As soon as I realised I was in the woods and yet this music was playing the music ceased.  I guess I must have 'come back down to earth' at that point.

It really was the most amazing experience for me.  

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever heard music playing when there was not an orchestra to be found within miles?  

You can actually ask the Angels to play music to you or ask them to allow you to hear celestial music.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2017

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