Stressed? - Then Take Notes From Nature

A young tree in nature - happily living its life to the full

A young tree in nature - happily living its life to the full

Stressed? - Then Take notes from Nature

Stressed? Then take notes from nature.  Take a peep at nature. I mean this literally!  Get out in nature if you are stressed, there is nothing more relaxing or calming.

A walk in the woods or by a stream will do you a power of good.  When we are stressed our body produces the hormone adrenalin.  Walking helps to use up excess adrenalin and helps to relax us. Unused adrenalin can be harmful to the body.

The other day I was out in the woods walking my dog and I happened to look at a young tree.  I just stood there and gazed at it for a moment. I studied its branches and its leaves.  I touched the tree as well.  It felt good.  

Trees can teach us many things.  Trees can keep us grounded.

I thought, as I studied this sapling, 'you're not stressed.  You don't worry about things.  You just take what life throws at you and you carry on anyway.'

What a way to live!  To take what life throws at you.  To accept all that comes to you.  And to get on with it anyway!

What a lesson that tree was teaching me the other day!

No doubt that little tree will experience storms, high winds, rain, dry periods, deluges and the extra strong heat of a summer sun.  And yet, that tree will continue to grow and will not argue.  It will not complain or moan or groan.  It will just take whatever life continues to throw at it and it will get on with life anyway.

We are very much like a tree.  We have our own battles.  We have things 'thrown' at us.  We have 'stormy weather' to plough through and the calm that often comes either before or after the storm.  Yet, unlike that tree, we moan and groan and complain about our lot.  We don't just 'take it on the chin' like this little tree will and like all the other plants, flowers and trees in nature will.  

Take a look at animals as well.  What do they do?  



When an animal, let's say a Springbok or any other prey animal is chased, it runs away.  If it manages to elude capture then it will just give itself a shake and get on with its day.  The animal does not worry about how it was not a lion's dinner.  it just gives itself a shake and carries on with the day's job of feeding or looking after its young.

We have the saying, 'shake it off' and this is a good thing to do.  Whenever we 'take on' stress we are actually allowing energy to get blocked in our own energy body.  Give yourself a little shake and you can shake off that stuck energy.

Be like nature and accept all that life throws at you and get on with life anyway.

If you want to learn more about how energy can get 'stuck' in our energy body then do a Google search for TAT - Tapas Acupressure Technique or EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - or EmoTrance - Emotional Transformation.

Give it a whirl and take notes from nature.

Here are some links for you: - the home of Tapas Flemming - Tapas Accupressure Technique.

Sandra Hillawi - trainer of Emotrance and EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique -

Do some research and see if you could benefit from any of the energy healing techniques that are available today.


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