It Happened at a Swimming Pool

Barba`ra Burgess Psychic Medium

A number of years ago now I was at a swimming pool watching the Schools' International Swimming Championships.  

My younger daughter was swimming.

The parents and onlookers were all waiting for the proceedings to begin.

At these events, usually there would be a parade and the National Anthem would be sung.

Just before it was all about to begin I suddenly heard a loud whoosh, whoosh, whoosh in my left ear.  I then, with my mind's eye, saw palm trees being planted around me.  The swimming pool was very warm and so palm trees would suit that environment.

Shortly after this I psychically saw millions and millions of tiny, multicoloured birds flying around the inside of the pool, high up in the roof area.

Then I heard, inside my head, beautiful music being played and angelic voices were singing.

Shortly after this I saw a pig sitting on the chair in front of me.  No! I had not been drinking.! We used to breed pigs and we had a favourite boar.  It was this favourite boar that I saw.

Then I also saw a German Shepherd Dog and a West Highland White Terrier also sitting on the empty seats in front of me.  My mother-in-law had a GSD and a Westie and they were all now in the spirit world.

After that the parade proper, of the swimmers and their various country's flags began.

To my way of thinking spirit were showing me that they were with me and joining in the ceremonies.

I must say it was one of the most beautiful sites and sounds I have ever experienced during my psychic life.

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