New Day, New Life, New Beginnings

New Day, New Life, New Beginnings

When you go to bed at night you disconnect from your day and everything that has gone on during that day.

In the morning, when you wake up, you begin a new day.

This is an ample opportunity to think positive and create a blessed day.

So many of us wake up in the morning and begin by moaning about what happened the day before or at some other time in our lives, or what we expect to happen during this new day.

If you think bad things then bad things will happen - this is The Universal Law of Attraction - in action.

People also think about the bad things that have happened during their day just as they go to sleep. This does not make for gentle, quiet, restful sleep.

For some time now I have, and have encouraged others to, think of something lovely, something wonderful, something beautiful, just as I go to sleep at night.  This way I get a good and relaxed night sleep.  Some nights are harder than others and I really have to work on making my mind think of something nice or good.

In the morning, once again, I think of something that makes me laugh or something that makes me happy.

By doing this I have changed my life and what happens in it, considerably.

Try it.  it is easier than you think.