I Am The Light - Channelled by Barbara Burgess 2015

barbara burgess psychic medium

I Am The Light

I am the light

I am the darkness

I am the one-ness

I am the God force


I am space

I am emptiness

I am nothingness

I am


I am Creator

I am past, present and future, all in one

I am all time


I am all knowing

I am all loving

I am all creating

I am


I am now

I am be-ing

I am me

I am wonderful

I am all-that-is


I am knowledge

I am whole


The soul


I am Universe

I am the sun, the moon and the stars


I am anything and everything

I am all embracing

I am Love

I am the truth


All wrapped into one.


Channelled by Barbara Burgess 2015

copyright Barbara Burgess