"Sometimes a simple smile can change someone's day."  Barbara Burgess Quotes


Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

I remember, one Christmas, when I was shopping and feeling very excited about the coming days, that I said, 'Merry Christmas' to a lady I saw at the entrance to the supermarket.  The lady told me I was the only person she had spoken to in two weeks.  She also said that she had driven a long way just to go to a different supermarket and maybe meet or see different people and be in different surroundings.

Now, I do not know what was going on in that lady's life and her words stunned me so much that I actually did not carry on with my conversation with her.  She just went on her way.

This lady could have spoken to other people instead of waiting for someone to speak to her.  However, that was only one answer to her problem.  We never know what people are thinking or what they are going through.