Choices to Make?

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Throughout our lives we make choices.

On a daily basis we probably choose what to do, where to go and what to eat.

Then there are the bigger choices.

Which job?

Which girlfriend/boyfriend for a fulfilling relationship?

Our parents would have had choices too - which school?

As an adult it is then - where do we live?


The choices we make throughout our lives are endless.

Which dress?  Which suit?  Which tshirt?  Which hairdo?  Which restaurant?


Oft times people do not realise that they never, ever make the wrong choice.

A choice is just a choice.

You choose A and you experience A or you choose B and you experience B.


You choose A for your girlfriend or boyfriend and you have a life experience with A.

If you chose B for your mate then you would have a life experience with B.  It would simply be a different experience than the one had you chosen A to spend the rest of your life with.


It is the same with jobs and house moves and any other choice you make.


You choose A and you have a life A OR you choose B and you have a life B.


Choosing A does not mean B is the wrong choice.

Likewise choosing  B does not make A the wrong choice.


If you were to choose A and then decided that you did not like the A experience then you can make the same choice (choosing A) but change it a little, change something about it.


OR you can say you will never, ever choose A again and you will go for B or C or even D this time.


It really is about choosing and choosing once again.


We never make the wrong choice - we just choose.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2017