Forget About Positive Thinking

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

This could be you -

You're going about your day and things, as usual, are going wrong.  You moan or groan or complain about these 'things' always going wrong.  You might even phone a friend and tell him or her of your 'bad' day.  You might even call on someone and invite them for a chat over a cup of coffee so that you can off-load all the trauma that you have been experiencing.

Then this 'someone', this friend tells you that you should, 'think positive.'

This phrase, 'think positive' has been banded about for so long, by so many people, that it simply goes straight over your head.

'Oh yeah, I know I should be thinking positively, but that is easier said than done!  I've been thinking un-positively for years, nearly a lifetime, and changing isn't as easy as you may think!' 


How does one think positively anyway?  Most people don't know how to and most people don't appear to think positively anyway.

We grow up in a non-positive world, surrounded by non-positive people, talking in non-positive ways and basically, it just rubs off on us.

You may even have been on a course or workshop or spoken to some healer or life coach, and their advice to you is, yes, you've guessed it, 'think positive'. 

Your life may have been going downhill for days, weeks, months or years even.  So how do you begin to think positively when your world is crashing all around you?

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium ~ Albert Einstein

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium ~ Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

This is so true.  If you are walking down a muddy path, as I was today with my dog, and you wanted to walk in a field of daffodils, then you have got to change where you walk!  You will never, ever be able to walk amongst daffodils by walking along the same path filled with muddy tracks.  It is as simple as that.

Look at it another way.  If you wanted to buy white bread and the shop you go to only ever sells brown bread then you will have to change and go to a different shop.  You will never, ever get white bread from the shop that only sells brown bread.  Once again, it is as simple as that.

However, people do not think like this.  They think that if they go into the shop often enough, then one day, maybe one day, they will be able to buy white bread!  Or, if they walk the muddy path often enough, then one day, some daffodils might be growing there! 

It sounds very strange but it is so true.  Many, many people keep on doing the same thing day in day out and expect a different result.

They go to the same job and complain each day about how they hate it, or it is hard, or boring, but they never, ever think of finding another job, they just expect that job to change.

They go on the same train journey, packed with miserable passengers and complain about having to stand up the whole of the journey, but they never think of going by bus or walking or biking or hiking or running or going by boat or helicopter - they just seem to enjoy complaining about their lot!

So, forget about this 'positive thinking' lark and focus upon changing your thoughts and what you do. 

Focus upon changing what you think.  

Focus upon changing what you do.

Focus upon changing what you talk about to others.

Focus upon what you talk about to yourself.

Focus upon what you write about as well.  Often we send texts to our friends or emails and we complain about the neighbours, our job, our car, and so on.  STOP doing this.  STOP doing this now!

Change what you are doing that is bringing you the results that you DO NOT WANT.  

Do something different that WILL bring you the results that you DO want.

Get off the muddy path and find a different path to walk along.

Get out of the boring job and find an interesting job to do, one that fascinates you and helps you to grow and expand yourself.

Stop telling yourself that you have a crap life and tell yourself that life is truly grand.

Stop talking to your friends and family about how fed up you are and how life has dealt you some bad cards.  Start telling these people what a fantastic person you are and how life is just so brilliant that you could never imagine it being any other way.

Stop writing texts and emails and putting posts on social media about how stupid you are and how silly you are and how fat or too thin that you are or how poor or unwell you are.  Write about this fantastic world that you suddenly find yourself living in.  Write about your fabulous day and the fabulous YOU.

So, my friend, forget about trying to do or understand this positive thinking stuff and just CHANGE something in your life that you are not happy about.

Change your thinking.

Change what you write about and talk about.

Make changes.  Even small, baby-step changes, at first, but these will turn into huge steps as you get used to this new way of being and doing and having, the life of your dreams.

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