Does Lack of Money Scare You?

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive

Does Lack of Money Scare You?

Does lack of money scare you?

Does lack of money send you into panic mode?

Does lack of money give you butterflies in your tummy?

At the end of the week, or the end of the month, when you think you are running out of dosh, or when you feel as if you might just scrape through, do you get a sinking feeling in your gut?

I know I used to.

Many years ago now, we were made homeless, or rather our house was repossessed, not once, but twice.

Once we moved to a caravan that was only available for about nine months of the year and then we had to find somewhere else to rent.  The second time we rented a flat.

Now, when your credit rating is zero and along with that you have one or more pet dogs, then finding a property to rent is virtually impossible.

However, we were lucky and we did come across a private rental that accepted us all, pets and debts included.

To say I was scared was probably an understatement.

I never knew where my next bit of money was coming from.  I never knew where my next meal was coming from.  How was I going to feed my kids and my pets?  It was a total nightmare, I can tell you.

So, yes, I was scared.  Very scared indeed.

Now, we are told we should live in the moment.  Live in the now.  Now is all we have.  This is quite hard when you are worried about money but it is well worth a try.

Now, is the only moment that exists.  The moment before this one has been and gone.  The moment to come has not yet arrived.  All we have is now, this moment.

No matter what state your affairs are in right now, just think about this - 

Do you have a roof over your head?

Do you have food to eat?

Do you have money in your purse or in your bank?


You see, if the answer to the above three questions is yes, then right here and right now, all is well.


But, you may say, it is not.  I don't know where my next meal is coming from.  I might be evicted next week.


You see, The Universe only knows about 'the now'.  What we think about 'right now' is what we attract to us.

So, if, right now - you have a roof over your head and food in your tummy and maybe a few coins of money in your wallet, then just keep thinking positively about those things.

That is what you have right now - and if you focus upon those good things - then more of the same will come to you in the next moment and the next moment and the next moment.


Sit down quietly and take some easy breaths.


Think about the fact that you have a roof over your head.

Think about the fact that you have food in your tummy.

Think about the fact that you have some money in your purse, or even a some money in your bank account.

How does that make you feel at this very moment?

Does it make you feel relaxed?  Safe?  Content?

What feeling does this give you now - knowing that you do have a roof over your head, money in your purse, and food in your belly?  

What FEELING does this thought bring up?  Calm?  Relaxation?  Contentment?


It is the FEELING that the Universe will work on for you.  And so the Universe, in all its wisdom will bring you more feelings like that.  More of the same.


So, whenever lack of money, or the thought of lack of money, gives you a churning stomach, just turn it around and do the above exercise and get that 'ah, I feel so relaxed' feeling back.'

"Ah, I feel so relaxed, knowing that right here and right now I do have a roof over my head, food in my tummy and money in my purse."

It is a bit like when you have done a hard day's work and you flop down into a lovely cosy, comfy armchair and go, 'ah' - a big sigh of relief.

Feel that relief.  Feel that relaxation.  Feel that calm satisfaction.

Then more of the same will turn up in your life.

copyright Barbara Burgess 2017

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