Love - by Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Love - by Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium

Today I asked spirit what I should write about.

What is an important message for the world to know today and they said, 'to love one another as God loves us.'

'God is always with us.  

On our side.

Beside us.

Through thick and thin.

And boy, are some of those times thick and thin!

Thick as if you are stepping through fresh, wet concrete and about to get stuck when it goes hard!

Thin, when times are hard and money and love is short and you spend many days in tears and fear.'

'Let your light shine' is God's message to you today.

'Let your light shine'.

If you shine through the thick and thin parts of your life, if you smile in spite of adversity, then all will be well.  You will recover.  You WILL be bold and be able to overcome your problems and your adversaries.

You will conquer that mountain, that you perceive in your mind.  Or come out of that black hole that you see inside your head.

You WILL be able to do it.

With God's Love you will.'

Channelled by Barbara Burgess 11th August, 2016

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