Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Channel, Angel Expert, Animal Communication.

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Channel, Angel Expert, Animal Communication.

I watched a programme on t.v. the other day.  It was comparing three different lives.

The lady in the programme told viewers that as a little four year old she had caught her nightdress on an electric fire and received numerous burns to her body.

She was put in hospital for about eight weeks.  In those days, the lady said, visiting in hospitals was for about twenty minuets one Sunday each month.  She was placed in hospital on the Monday after visiting and so she had no visitors for a month.

She said she felt totally abandoned and this feeling had stayed with her all her life.  She was near to tears as she told this story, many years later.   Also her parents blamed her for her mishap as she had gone downstairs when told not to.

On the programme they showed you many children in cots in a hospital ward.  I too had burns when I was a child and I can remember being in a cot.  I can remember the bars.  I also recall laying on my stomach, with no pillow, and a lady came along with a broom and swept beneath my cot.  She smiled at me and I smiled back.  That memory of her smile has stayed with me all these years.

My mother often told me the story of how I got my burns, because I cannot remember it.  She also told me that she did not visit me whilst I was in hospital, or she only visited once.  I always thought it was because she did not want to, or because she could not be bothered.

When she came to collect me she said I screamed the place down because I wanted to say goodbye to someone.  She told me that someone wore white clothes and was a man.  For many years I often stared at people in white clothes and something attracted me to them.

I can just imagine how a young child would feel being taken from a hospital and wanting to say goodbye to someone who had cared for them.  However this was not meant to be.

Now this also brings me to the time we moved house.  We have moved house about thirty times, believe it or not.

My elder daughter, at a later date, told us that we had taken her from her friends.  This never, ever occurred to me.  We just decided to move house for our own reasons and as we were moving into the countryside we thought it was a good thing for our children.  It never entered our heads that we were taking them away from their friends.  We just assumed that they would make new friends.

On the other hand, however, I was never allowed to play with 'my friends' as a child.  I went to school with these children, but as they came from a very large family and lived at the 'poor' end of our street, I was forbidden to play with them.  I did play with them on numerous occasions though and got a smack for it. 

Another thing that comes to mind on these lines is regarding my step father.  He was a prisoner of war and he was among the first Royal Marines to reach Belsen concentration camp. My mother used to get annoyed with him because he did not talk about the war very much, if at all.  One evening at a Spiritualist Church my step father came through and said, "some things are so terrible that you cannot talk about them."  

This brings me to why I am writing this blog.  It is about 'things,'  memories, that stay in the back of our minds and are hidden until something jogs them and makes them pop up again.

It is also about feelings and emotions, that we carry with us today and yet what created these feelings and emotions may have happened many years ago.

it is also the case that we can inherit these thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs not only from our past lives, but also from our parents and grandparents and even our great grandparents.

This has been made clear to me when I have been giving readings to people.  

My clients, today, may have feelings of abandonment, fear, anxiety and any other negative emotion and this can stem from something that happened in early childhood, or even from something that happened to one or both of their parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents.  These feelings and emotions can also be passed down from past lives.

As a psychic and clairvoyant I am able to 'tune into' these emotions and feelings and discover from whence they came. I am able to find out where they began, what started them and this can bring about a healing, not only for my client, but also for their ancestors who may have suffered the same trauma.

I am glad to be able to help clients come to terms with this during their readings and the angels will offer ways of healing these situations.

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