I Had a Dream

I had a dream.

I had a dream last night.

It was about a football team.

The dream went something like this.....

I was an onlooker in a room.  There were also three other male onlookers, whom I have intuited were Spirit Elders.

In my dream were a group of footballers, a team.  They were sitting in a semi circle and being interviewed by a man.

In the dream the interviewer was not actually facing all the team, he was facing me and half the team.

He asked a question, 'what do you feel is your greatest achievement?'

One of the players, near my end of the group and nearest the Spirit Elders began to answer. He spoke about the amount of money he had earned to date and his biggest pay cheque.   The rest of the group did not appear to be that interested and his words almost went unnoticed.

Then the interviewer moved his chair so that he was facing all the group and one of the footballers on the far side of the semi circle began talking about his physical achievements.  He spoke of what he had overcome in his life.  How many goals he had scored at a certain match.  He told us all that he had trained hard and kept fit and how he loved his job as a footballer and being part of a team.

What is the moral of this story?  What is the interpretation of my dream?

My intuition tells me that life and achievements are not about money, the tangible stuff, it is about the non-tangible, the mental and physical successes. These are what count.  What you have overcome.  What you have endured.  How many races you have won or how many goals you have scored.  

It is not about money at all.

It is also about being part of a team.  You, Spirit, God, Jesus, your spirit helpers and guides and more......an army, in fact.

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