Let Go of Fear and Manifest Money

A number of potential clients have said to me that they would love a reading but they do not have any money.

I have also come across people who would willingly spend £200+ to get their car fixed but are reluctant to spend money to get themselves fixed.  They do not want to give money to someone who might help solve their problems or help create, for them, a better life.  

Fear is behind this.  Fear of the unknown. Fear of change.  Fear of what would their mother, father, sister, brother, teacher, boss, husband, wife, partner, say or do if they were to change.

Staying with what you know can be very comforting indeed.  However, if you stay within your comfort zone then it will shrink, you will become even more fearful.  Step outside your comfort zone then both you and your comfort zone will grow.  You will become more comfortable with more and more things.


A reading from a good psychic is worth its weight in gold.

How do you know I am a good psychic?  Well you don't.  However you can look at my Testimonials page.

I have over forty years experience. 

Many clients come to see me because I have been recommended to them by a friend.


Now, lets get back to money.

  • Money is NOT the root of all evil.  This is a belief that someone wants us to have in order to keep us down, fearful, poor and weak.  It is a way of controlling us.
  • People say psychics should not earn money with their gifts.  Well we all have to eat and pay our bills.  I pay a monthly fee to keep my website up and running. That is just one bill that I have to pay!  If I did not have the website then no-one would find me and I would be unable to help the people who do come to me for readings.
  • Have you heard of people who are able to do great feats? They overcome their fears because what they need to do is more pressing than their fear.                                                                  

A good example of this is a mother who would be able to lift a car up if her child were stuck underneath it.  She would not feel like picking a  car up if a two pence piece were stuck under one of the wheels, now would she? 

Many years ago now, we had so little money that we were eating potatoes that were meant for our pigs.  We had toast for breakfast and I would put these giant potatoes in the oven for our midday meal.  I would then put more in the oven at midday for our evening meal.  We had a large pile of the potatoes in the yard and so they were readily available.  I had no money in my purse with which to buy food.  We were desperate. 

We were so desperate for money that I began to teach keep fit as evening classes.  I found out the village hall was available for free.  I also found out that I did not need any qualifications to teach keep fit.  My children had been to gym classes and so I copied their 'warm ups' for my class and added some other bits and pieces in that I had seen on the television and I ran, not one, but two keep fit classes.  I was a shy person, but my fear of having no money at all and no food to eat overcame my fear of dancing and cavorting in front of people.

At the same time I needed to keep fit and so I ran.  This made me healthier.  Yes, I was wearing out my trainers, however I could easily get a very cheap pair from the local charity shop.

I kept on asking Spirit, 'what can I do that needs just me?'  I could not afford to rent a room or office, or even pay for the petrol to drive to the nearest town.   It was then that I became a medium and began working from home so that I could still be there to look after all our animals and our children.   I put post card adverts in shop windows and used my mediumship abilities to give readings.  Later on, when I had some spare cash I bought some Tarot Cards and so it was me and my Tarot Cards as a way of earning money.

If you have any doubts or fears around having or getting money, then asked the Angels to help you with this.

'I now call upon the Abundance Angels to give me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I need in order to manifest money.  I know that true abundance is my birthright.  Thank you.'

Watch out for signs that they are answering you.

Signs come in many ways.....

  • Ideas that keep popping into your head.
  • Songs that you might hear repeatedly.
  • Dreams.
  • Things people say to you, out of the blue.
  • Some headline that you may read or see on the television.

Signs that Angels have heard your prayers are seeing feathers or coins and birds or animals that are acting in an unusual way in order to attract your attention.

Now here are 8 pointers about manifesting money.....

  1. Do not go around with a lack mentality.  By this, I mean, do not keep saying that you cannot afford something.  If you keep on repeating this to yourself or others then you will not be able to afford anything.  As you talk to yourself, so you talk to the Universe and the Universe responds.
  2. Bless your money and your bills.  Bless all money that passes through your hands. Whether it is coming in or going out.  Also bless your bills.  Yes, bless your bills!  If you owe someone, let's say £1,000 then that person honestly believes that you have £1,000. So bless that person and that bill.
  3. Do not buy the cheapest food.  If you go to the counter, in the supermarket, that has all the stuff that is going cheap and is nearly past its sell by date, then, once again, you are telling the Universe that you cannot afford to buy good, wholesome food.  Buy organic as much as you can.  You do not have to buy all organic food, all of the time.  Buy as often as you can.  Look after yourself.  Pamper yourself.  Let yourself feel good and rich.
  4. Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness, tells us to put 10% of what we earn into a bank account and leave it there.  Dr. Dain, did this for many years and then, one day, for reasons I cannot remember, he spent that money.  After this money seemed to stop coming into his bank account.  Whenever he did save the 10% his bank account grew. When he stopped saving the 10% his bank account shrunk.  Like attracts like.  A twenty pound note will attract another twenty pound note.  A friend of mine says she always saves 1/3 of her wages.  1/3 is saved.  1/3 is for housekeeping and 1/3 is for holidays and clothes.  Again, like attracts like.
  5. Keep a £20 note in your purse or wallet.  Do not keep it there with the idea that it is 'back up'. Keep it there because you are rich!   Keep it there because you have other money you can spend.  You do not need to spend this £20 note.  Let it just sit there and show you how rich you are.
  6. Smell your money.  Yes, I mean, smell your money.  Have you ever heard people saying, when they know they are getting  a good deal, 'I can smell money'.  Get the smell of it up your nostrils.  Take some notes, preferably and sniff at them.  Know what money smells like.  
  7. Do what rich people do and go where rich people go.  Go to the opera.  If you cannot afford to buy a yacht then go and look at some and say, 'I like that, I like that'.  By telling the Universe what it is you like - about anything - then the Universe takes note and responds. Go about your day, look around you, and say, 'I like that, I like that, I like that'.
  8. Do not be envious or jealous of your friends or neighbours.  If a neighbour has a fancy sports car and you would really love one, then just say, 'I like that.'  If your friends have parties all the time and go to fancy hotels abroad for their holidays, then do not be jealous, just bless them or say to yourself, 'I like that'.  The Universe will respond.

Copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

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