Dead Birds Talking

One day, when my mother was much younger, she went to school crying.  The teacher asked her what was wrong.  She replied that her dog had died that day.  My mum asked the teacher if her dog was in Heaven.  The teacher replied, 'of course not.  Animals do not go to Heaven, only people do.  When a dog is dead it is dead.'  This sent my mother into an even bigger flood of tears and those words, from her teacher, stuck with her all her life, until, one day, she asked me about life after death for our pets.

Animals do go to the spirit world.  They do continue to live as spirits, in spirit form, after their death.

I have given literally hundreds of people pet psychic readings that have shown absolute proof of life after death, and also that we can communicate, telepathically with animals. (and nature in general) 

Let me tell you about an Animal Communication Reading that I did for someone, some time ago.

The lady came to me because another one of her budgerigars had passed over to the other side, had passed over the Rainbow Bridge.

She was quite distraught.  Many people who do ask me for a pet reading are very upset at the loss of their pet.  I often feel that the love a human has for an animal is very different from the love a person has for another human.  One  lady in particular had lost two German Shepherds in a very short space of time and she told me she felt suicidal. The readings  I did for her helped her immensely.  A reading does not take the pain or heartache away, however it does help.

During the reading for this lady and her budgerigar I saw many birds, about ten in all.  She said this was correct.  I saw the birds flying free in her very large dining room and she also confirmed that this was true.  The birds then showed me that they would line up, perched on her picture rail and she would get a hairbrush and sing to them, pretending the hairbrush was a microphone.  The birds told her that they loved doing this and they loved her singing voice.

The lady was astounded.  She said no-one, not even her husband, knew that she did this.  She only ever sang to the birds whenever there was no-one in the house to see her doing it.

This, like my post about the furniture removal man, is definite proof of life after death.  How could I know such a thing?  I did not know anything about the lady or even that she kept budgerigars, before we met.

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