Nobody Knew This!

This blog post is quite appropriate as we will be moving house very soon now and will need a furniture removal van and man.

I believe the following is definite proof of life after death.  How could I, as a medium,  have known this!

During a reading, I was giving to a gentleman, his uncle came through and said he had watched him doing furniture removal work.

The man said this was totally wrong as he had never been in a furniture removal business and was, in fact, a builder and decorator and owned his own firm.  

Well, I said, your uncle seems to think you had a furniture removal business and I can actually see a large van and you and another chap moving furniture for people.

My client then went quite pale.  "Hang on a minute', he said, 'I did work for someone once, but only for about three months.  You see, I have always been self employed as a builder and decorator.  There was a time though, about five years ago, when I had no work at all for about three months.  I did not dare tell my wife or anyone about this and so I asked my friend if he needed anyone to help him out with his newly formed furniture removal business.  My friend said yes and so I worked for him until he got his business up and running and then I managed to get a good building contract. No-one, nobody, not even my wife, knew about this, only the chap I worked for."

My client gave me a huge hug and we have been friends ever since.  

This is proof of life after death.   How could I have known these facts about a man I had never, ever met before?  He lived in London and I lived in Luton at the time.  Our paths had never crossed before.

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