4 Signs Miracles Do Happen

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Channel, Angel Expert, Animal Communication.

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Channel, Angel Expert, Animal Communication.

1 - This story was told to me by my mother.

It was during WWI and happened to a friend of my mother.  The friend's husband had been killed during the war and she was left with four young boys to bring up on her own.  

One day she was walking into town and wondering where on earth her next penny was going to come from and what was she going to buy for food that day.  

She was crossing the road via a Zebra Crossing and a woman in front of her turned around and said, 'God told me to give you this money.'  It was a ten shilling note.  This was a great deal of money in those days, considering a loaf of bread cost about one penny - 1d - in what we now call 'old money'.  My mother's friend was so grateful for the money from the angel that day. 

2 - A friend of mine told me this story.

My friend was very short of money at the time this story happened.  She was going to the shops to buy food.  Normally she went out of her house and turned left to the shops.  However, on this particular day something told her to turn right and go the long way.  She had nothing else to do that day and so she did turn right and went the long way round.

She got to the top of her road and turned the corner and there, on the pavement was a twenty pound note!  She had more than enough money to buy food that day.

3 - Many years ago now I too was extremely short of money.  I was at a sports centre with my family and we were all rushing to the doors in order to go home.  A bit like a crowd at a football match, all walking the same way and almost at a fast trot.

I was at the main entrance where the crowd had to funnel down to get out the two large doors. I heard a strange kind of rustling noise and for some reason looked down at my feet.  There was a rubber carpet at the doorway, the kind you rub your boots on in order to get the mud off.  I have no idea why but I bent down.  I was actually blocking all the other people from getting through the doorway, however something made me bend down.

I saw, in one of the holes, a piece of folded up paper.  I picked it up, put it in my pocket and we all walked back to our car.  On bringing the folded piece of paper out of my pocket and opening it up, I found it was a twenty pound note.  This was most welcome and we were able to buy some food for our long journey home.

4 - This story also happened a long time ago when I was 'penny pinching.'  It was coming up to Easter and I was extremely worried that I would not have enough money to buy my children an Easter Egg each.  I happened to see a little raffle in one of the shops and one of the smaller prizes was two Easter Eggs.  I bought a ticket and won both the eggs!

Miracles happen every day of the year.  We just do not notice them as miracles.

Another example is that my husband came upstairs to the computer room this morning and showed me a tiny little, black, baby slug that he had found creeping along on his hand.  It was beautiful, small but perfect.  Now isn't birth a miracle?

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