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Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Channel, Angel Expert, Animal Communication.

Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium, Channel, Angel Expert, Animal Communication.

When we have a problem, what do we do?

Get help.

Well, some of us do.  Some people will wollow in their misery in order to get attention.

Some people will hope that the pain of the situation will just go away.

Whilst others will seek help.


Many years ago, when I was learning how to be a medium I read books by Betty Shine, the famous medium and healer.  Betty is now in the Spirit World and she has come through for many of my readings.

Betty suggests, in her book, that if you are in trouble then you simply look at her photo on the cover of any of her books and say, 'please help me'.  I did this on numerous occasions and got the help I needed.

Betty also said that whenever she wanted help from anywhere or anyone then she would call upon the hundreds of spirits that are in the spirit world.  

For example she may have had toothache and yet not have time to visit a dentist.  She would call upon all the dentists, doctors, nurses, dental nurses and you-name-it, in the spirit world and ask for their help.  This she received.  She said that as there are many, many qualified people who have passed over to the spirit world then you might as well call upon as many as you can!

Now, whatever your problem, here on the earth plain, you can call upon spirit guides to help you with this.

You may be studying.

You may be anxious or worried about a certain problem.

You may have doubts and fears about something.

You may have a decision to make.

Whatever is your difficulty then call upon A SPECIALIST SPIRIT GUIDE to help you with this.

THEN - wait for the answer!

The answer may not come immediately.  However THE ANSWER WILL COME.

You just have to wait for it.

You just have to look out for it.


It can come as an idea in your head.

It can come as something some stranger says to you.

It can come as some words you read in a book, or the newspaper, or see in an email, or on t.v.

The answer WILL come but maybe not in the way you were expecting.


Call upon a SPECIALIST SPIRIT GUIDE - one for each of your subjects.  One for maths, one for English, one  for decision making, one for having more money - and so on and so forth. 

copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

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