Reincarnation and Past Lives

Do you believe in reincarnation or past lives?

I do. 

I have given many past life readings to people and they have been so amazed at how their past lives reflect on this life.

During one past life reading spirit told me that this man had been a hangman and executioner in many of his past lives.  He told me that in this life he was fascinated by this type of thing to such an extent that his wife was very worried about his sanity.  He read books on the subject and watched films and video nasties.  He said to know about these past lives made such sense to him.  He was very relieved, because he too had wondered where this obsession had come from.

In a previous post, 'Predictions - Can We Foretell Accidents' I spoke of a young girl I knew who was a little bit psychic.  Actually I knew the whole family very well and they knew I was psychic.

One day they came to me and said that they had been having a family chat and remembering 'old times'.  The mother had been talking about her grandparents, her daughter's great-grand parents.  Her daughter had never ever met them.

During the family chat the mother spoke about the home the great-grandparents lived in.  Then her daughter began to agree with her about the decor, the kitchen table and how the great-grandmother always baked a certain cake.  Without thinking the girl's mother agreed and nodded.  Then she suddenly realised that her daughter was describing her own great-grandmother, her home, her mannerisms and way of life and yet had never been there or met her!

They came to me because they could not understand how the daughter could know so much about someone she had never met and a house in which she had never set foot.

I tuned into spirit on their behalf and was told that the daughter was a reincarnation of a child the great-grandparents lost when they first got married.  The mother then told me that  was so strange because her own father, the child's grandfather absolutely doted on the little baby from the moment she was born.

The child of the great-grandparents died of a serious lung infection and the daughter, whom I was told was the reincarnated soul of this child, had a slightly deformed rib cage.

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