Predictions - Can We Foretell the future?

In one of my previous posts '12 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Me'  I told of an incidence whereby I heard someone shouting out, 'can someone open the door for Tony Blair please'.

I also told of another time when I heard a friend of mine and her daughter arguing and shouting at each other.

How can this happen?

Well, when we shout, argue, raise our voice, or even get really excited then our vibration rises. The spirit world is of a higher vibration than the earth plain. In order to 'tune into spirit' psychics, mediums and clairvoyants have to raise their vibration a little and 'beings' in the spirit world lower theirs and we meet in the middle, so to speak.

So, as the aforementioned bits of conversation were being spoken or even shouted out then the vibration rose and I was inadvertently able to pick this up psychically.


Now this brings me to predictions.  Many people have told me that they have prophetic dreams.  However those dreams are often about disasters.  My clients have been upset about this.  These dreams can be warnings.  It may help the dreamer a little bit to know these things are going to happen in advance and then when they do occur the dreamer does not suffer so much shock. Of course some dreams are warnings that people should take heed of and then maybe the 'bad' prediction seen in the dream will not take place.


I tell my clients to ask spirit and the angels only to give them 'good' dreams and not dreams about disasters that might or might not happen.  This often works.  If it does not happen the first time then keep on asking spirit until it does happen.  No-one likes  'bad dreams'.


This brings me to talking about predictions and can we, psychics or others actually see into the future.


A friend of mine was driving her sixteen year old daughter to a meeting. Her daughter had had a few prophetic dreams and generally these would tell of looming disasters.  

On this particular occasion as the mother was driving round a sharp corner the daughter screamed for her to stop the car as there was going to be an accident.  Luckily there was a little bus stop pull-in and the mother quickly swerved into this.  She knew from previous experience that her daughter was more often than not correct with her predictions.

The mother and daughter sat in the car and got their breath back.  The daughter insisted that there was going to be an accident and pleaded with her mother not to drive off again.

The next thing that happened was a police car with all lights blazing came round the corner and drove straight into the back of the queue of stationary cars at the set of red traffic lights.


How had this girl picked up on this forthcoming incident?  Well the police were in hot chase after someone and so their senses would have been heightened.  The two policemen in the car may have been shouting at each other or have been overly excited about catching a criminal. Either way their vibration would have been raised and the young lady picked up on it with her psychic senses, her sixth sense.

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