12 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Me

1 - I was petrified of dogs until about the age of seven.

From a very early age I  used to stand with my hands in the air and scream if a dog came near me.  Later on two little boys showed me a wonderful Lassie Collie and how to stroke it and I was smitten. 

2 - I called two men 'dad'.

Where we lived there were many children and we would all play together in the street.  The children next door called this man 'dad' and so I copied them. Then my own father came home from the war and he was also 'dad'.  It was a very confusing time for me.

3 - I was scared of heights.

I was scared of heights until I did EFT on myself.  Emotional Freedom Technique.  

4 - I am a bit scared of spiders, very scared of moths and daddy-longlegs.

I am not that bad now, having done EFT for these fears as well.  I am okay outside but rather frightened in enclosed spaces.

5 - I am okay with mice, rats and snakes.

We used to keep pet mice, rats and snakes and I am fine with these.  I am also okay with butterflies - strange that.

6 - I used to breed, show and judge Whippets.

I bred International and Nordic Champion Wellnigh Norseman of Dondelayo.  (what a long name!)  I never managed to make my own dogs into champions but did breed some really good ones.  I also bred rare breeds of pigs, Welsh and Blacks.  We had a small holding in Lincolshire with geese, poultry, sheep and turkeys.

7 - I once taught keep fit.

Yes, We were extremely short of money at the time and I was told I did not need any qualifications and so I taught keep fit for a while as evening classes.

8 - I love running.

Yes, I do.  I still run when the mood takes me.  I do need a good pair of trainers though.

9 - I 'see' ghosts, hear spirit (out loud, sometimes) and sense them around me, touching me.

I often 'see' ghosts, but only for a fraction of a second.  I sometimes hear people talking.  Once I heard someone shouting, 'Can someone open the door for Tony Blair please.'  I also 'heard' an argument that was going on between a friend and her daughter.  This was quite by accident.  I had not consciously tuned into them and was not even thinking about them at the time.  When energies are heightened, such as during an argument or someone shouting then these energies can carry a long way and psychics can pick them up.

10 - I hated school and the teachers and could not wait to leave.

I never did get on at school.   I just wanted to be at home or outside in the countryside with my dog.  I did well at my studies but it was the people, lessons and being inside I did not enjoy.

11 - I wanted to be a vet when I left school but the thought of more school and studying for up to seven years put me off.  I do not think university would have suited me anyway.  I have studied a great deal since leaving school and continue to study today.

12 - I fell on a fire when I was about five and had first, second and third degree burns to my back, posterior and backs of my legs. The fire, a tall paraffin stove left a pattern of different sized circles burned into my flesh.  My mother would ask me to drop my drawers and show people the pattern.  I never saw it though as no one offered me two mirrors with which to take a look.  I can still remember my stay in hospital.  I was in a cot, covered in bandages and lying on my stomach.  I recall the hospital orderly coming round and sweeping under my cot.  She looked through the bars at me and smiled.  I smiled back.  It was very comforting.  Maybe she was an angel!  And yes, in those days they did use a broom to sweep the wards out with!

Copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

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