Fear Has Always Been Here

Fear has always been here.

Fear is a survival mechanism.

Imagine the time when man lived in caves.  He would have gone out, probably on a daily basis, looking for food.  If he did not have this fear, of what was round the next corner, and keep his wits about him, then he may well have been attacked by a bear or eaten by a lion.  Fear of the unknown probably kept him alive.  

He would have needed to be on 'red alert' most of the time, listening for sounds in the undergrowth.  Looking out for and listening out for wild bears, boars and lions, so that he did not end up as food on their plate and so that he had enough food on his own plate at the end of his day of foraging.

These days there are not many bears or lions waiting round the next corner, however our built in fear mechanism is still there.  It keeps us safe from falling of cliff edges  and from making bad decisions about crossing the road.  If we did not have a built in fear mechanism then we would probably get into all kinds of trouble.

Sometimes this built in fear can run riot though and stop us from doing things we would love to do.

Some people have a fear of success or a fear of getting things wrong.  They do not 'go for their dream' in case they fail.

Caveman would probably have gone off hunting or foraging on a regular basis and come back with nothing at all to eat for his efforts.  He would have had to try again the following day or else he and his family would have starved.  He may also have seen one of his family or tribal members killed by wild animals but he would still have had to go on or die himself.

Failure is part of success.  Getting things wrong is a way of learning how to get things right the next time.  

Our cave dweller friend may have chosen to hunt in a different direction on seeing one of his tribe killed by a lion.  He may have decided to take a different route whilst looking for fruits to eat.  He would not have been able to allow failure, or even fear of failure cloud his judgement. He had to get on with it or die of starvation.

These days, life is a bit simpler.  We can shop for food and therefore do not need to worry ourselves about where our next meal is going to come from.

However, we still have this built in fear mechanism that is there in order to keep us safe and to help us make good choices in our lives.

If you are setting out on some journey, starting a new project ,or doing anything really and have this worry or fear about failure then just let it go.  Tell yourself you are not caveman any more and there are no lions about.  Think about success instead.  Get excited about being successful.  

If your project or journey turns out wrong the first time, then make another choice to go somewhere different, or to try something else, something new.  Try it a different way.  Do it a different way.

Do not dwell on fear and failure but celebrate success instead.

Be aware that these fears exist but do it anyway.  Just do it.  Get on with it.

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copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

Image courtesy of marcolm at FreeDigitalPhotos.net