Enjoy Being Sick?

Do you enjoy being sick?

Well, none of us do really.  

However, it may surprise you that, actually our subconscious mind, on some occasions, can help us to be ill.

A woman came to me for a reading.  She had been ill for many months.  She had suffered one illness after another.

She began to cry as she told me of all her ailments.  Then she began to sob even more as she told me she was getting so much better now and her doctor had suggested she return to work.

I asked her why she was so upset about returning to work.  Her reply did not surprise me at all. I had heard this kind of thing before.   She did not want to get well because she did not want to go back to work.  

I asked her why she did not want to go back to work and she stated that she hated her job. Well, actually, she did not really hate the job, she hated what the company stood for.

You see she worked in a call centre and she was told to phone numerous people and sell them things like insurance and PPIs and so on.  However, she totally disagreed with the ethics of this company.  She knew she was selling insurance people did not need, or want, and probably could not even afford.  However, that was her job and that is what she was told to do - or get out.

The only way she could get out, for a while, have a rest, and still get paid, was to be ill.  Before working for this company she enjoyed going out to work.  She also enjoyed the bonuses, to her lifestyle, the money brought her.

Now she was in this dilemma of being well enough to go back to work for a company when she hated what it stood for.

I suggested (or rather the angels suggested) that she could do any kind of work, any kind of job.  She did not have to go back to that same company.  This thought had never crossed her mind.  For some reason she believed she had to go back to doing a job she hated and therefore she was not getting one hundred percent well again.

The angels asked her what she liked doing.  What was she interested in?

She replied that since being ill she had had Reiki treatments and hands on healing, as well as acupressure.  She had seen quite a few alternative therapists.  She believed they had helped her immensely on the road to recovery.

She loved the treatments so much, and had witnessed, first hand, the benefits they could bring. She had enrolled herself on several courses.  In fact she was now qualified in a couple of modalities and learning two more.

The angels suggested she use her new found skills to either apply for a job in these areas and work for someone else, or set herself up with her own business.

Her self esteem was still rather low but the angels assured her she could do this.  They also assured her that she need never work for a company whose ethics she disagreed with.

The lady began to smile once more and said she now felt so much better and reassured by the angels' messages.


Remember you do not have to be sick in order to -

change your job

have a rest

have a break

have a holiday

take a day off

get someone else to do something for you

be looked after

be cared for

be acknowledged

be loved 

be yourself

do the job you love to do instead of one you think you should do


If any of the above relates to you then call upon the angels for help and guidance.

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of clarity.

"I now call upon Archangel Gabriel to give me clarity.  Help me to know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it.  Thank you."

Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing.

"I now call upon Archangel Raphael for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I need in order to heal.  Thank you."

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