Oops I Did This Wrong

I have to admit that I am not 100% accurate with my readings.

I guess there are few people, in any profession who are 100% accurate.  Doctors, dentists, musicians.  It would be very difficult to be 100% accurate at any time, if not all the time.

A long time ago now I did a reading for a lady in Scotland.

She wanted animal communication.

She wanted to receive proof of life after death of her Border Collie.

I did the reading for her, which I had recorded onto a tape, in those days, and I duly sent it off to her.

A few days went by and then she contacted me.

She said that in no way was I describing her dog or giving a message that sounded anything like her dog.

She told me that her dog was actually a Border Collie bitch and very timid, nervous and shy.

The dog that had come through for this reading was a very big, butch and boisterous male Border Collie!

We agreed that I should do another reading and I sent this one off and the lady was absolutely delighted with the end result.

I guess, that what had happened was this dog with a very strong personality had dominated the reading and had not allowed the more gentle female Border Collie to come through.

The male one, I saw, sitting in a wheel barrow on a farm.

The female Border Collie I saw sitting on a rug by the fire place.

Since this happened I always ask people to give the name, sex and breed of their pet animal for an animal communication reading.

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copyright Barbara Burgess 2016

Image courtesy of marcolm at FreeDigitalPhotos.net