Are Police Men and Women Psychic?

Are police men and police women psychic?

Well, I am sure you have heard a hundred times or more that we are all born psychic.

We are all born right brained.  In school we are taught to be left brained and this, for many of us, gets rid of any psychic ability right from the start.

Being teased or bullied, at school, or being told to 'shut up' when you tell someone you can see a figure at the bottom of your bed, can readily stop a person's psychic side from developing.

So, police men and police women are born psychic just as a pianist or dentist is born psychic.

It is a case of do they use their psychic ability whilst doing their duty?

Police have to solve crimes and psychic messages are not very good evidence are they?

A police person cannot stand up in court and tell a judge that a ghost told him Joe Blogs committed a burglary.  It just would not work!

I have a few policemen as friends and they know I am psychic.  I was chatting to one of them once and actually asked, not only if the police used psychics, but if any members of the police force admitted to being psychic.

The officer in question told me that many members of the police force would use their gut instincts and intuition when going after a criminal or when trying to solve a crime.  However, in the end it is only 'hard evidence' that will bring about an arrest and conviction.

So yes, many police men and police women are naturally psychic and they do use their intuition and gut feelings in order to help them follow up a crime and gain a conviction. However they must be absolutely certain that they have the right person who committed the offence and this comes from hard slogging and detective work.

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