A World of Duality

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

Barbara Burgess Psychic Medium

We live in a world of duality.

This is one reason why we have all come to live on planet earth.  To experience this life of duality.

What do I mean by duality?

I mean everything has an opposite.

Laugh - cry - as the above image depicts.

Love - hate.

Yes - no.

Up - down.

In - out.

Black - white.

Wet - dry.


Everything has its opposite.


Imagine, if you will, a long pole.  At one end of the pole is 'love' and at the other end of the pole is 'hate'.  Some people might be at the hate end of the pole and some might be at the love end of the pole.  Some people might wish to be at the love end of the pole but find themselves harbouring hateful thoughts and so they find themselves at the 'hate' end of the said pole.


Another example of this 'pole' could be 'laugh' at one end and 'cry' at the other end.  Someone could always be laughing and thus always be at the 'laugh' end of the pole.  Another person may often cry and feel sad and thus be at the 'cry' end of this pole.


As mentioned above, we live in this world of duality.  Wherever you find yourself, be it experiencing love, laughter, happiness, wealth, abundance or any manner of things that a person can experience here on planet earth, then you will be at one end of the said pole or the other end or somewhere in between.


Practice the following if you would like to - 


Imagine a set of poles.  Say, about five.  Imagine they are perched on some soil or grass or maybe concrete, so that they will not fall over.

Name each of your five poles, (or more) - love, abundance, health, happiness, employment.  

Sit quietly and with your mind's eye, imagine each pole with each label at the top of the pole.  Where do you 'see' yourself on each pole?

Are you at the top of the 'love' pole or do you 'see' yourself halfway down?

Where are you on the 'abundance' pole?  Are you at the top or the bottom?

Your subconscious mind will show you where you 'see' yourself.


Now, wherever you find yourself then imagine pushing yourself to the top of the poles.  'Push' yourself to the top of the 'love' pole.  'Push' yourself to the top of the 'abundance' pole.  And so on.


Try this exercise each day and believe me things will change.  Your perspective of where you now 'find' yourself will change for the better and thus it will gradually influence your life as well.

copyright 2017, Barbara Burgess, Psychic Medium.

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