Do The Police Use Psychics?

There was a case, in Texas, USA.,  where the police had a tip off from a psychic about 30 dismembered bodies, including children.

The police said they were obliged to investigate this, as children were involved.  However, they found no crime scene at the area the psychic had given them.

They also have to follow up on phone calls from psychics just in case the person is pretending to be a psychic or is actually involved in the crime.

On two occasions I have contacted the police regarding visions I had about the IRA.,  both in the United Kingdom and Europe.  For a while, after that my phone sounded rather peculiar whenever I spoke to anyone over it.  Was my phone tapped?  I also picked my phone up once and heard two men talking.

I have also contacted the police regarding another vision I had about drug smuggling.  I saw a map of the world, with my mind's eye, of all the drug trafficking routes.

The first occasion, I ever contacted the police, was as a result of a very clear vision I had whilst sitting in my car waiting to pick a friend up from her workplace.

I was really minding my own business and then suddenly I saw clear images of a murder taking place.  The whole episode truly shocked me.  I thought long and hard about contacting the police and in the end I did.  They were very kind, very kind indeed.  They suggested I phone another police force, way up north, as they did not know of any murders, similar to the one I had described,  down south.  This I duly did and once again the police were very kind.

I asked them if they ever used evidence from psychics and they told me that they could only use 'hard evidence'.  They also said that they would never, ever divulge any information whether or not they had followed up a 'tip off' from a psychic, or whether or not that information was helpful.  They politely said, "thank you", and told me that my phone call was most welcome.

A friend of mine has also contacted the police on numerous occasions as he saw visions of murdered people and where the body would be found.  Later on, when the crimes were solved, it appeared that his visions were correct.

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